October 5, 2016
Mithras by Xanadu

Fresh batch of Mithras models just got dropped off by Xanadu.

The Mithras is a tweaked mixture of Xanadu's ever popular small wave hi - fi boards. The Mithras has been thoroughly tested and is well suited for airs. This board is loose, fast, and pretty squirrelly. It is meant for the most advanced trick based shred/air surfing for 2013. If you want to boost some ramps and land on fluffy whitewater clouds hop on this board!

The Mithras has a little wider nose and tail to help on grovel days and to make it more forgiving. It also features Xanadu's unmatched drive generating small wave rocker which will get you going mach. Pray to the sun god all summer long with the Mithras and you will be stoked. Just don't shred the wax off your stick.